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Vengeance Incubation Soundset Vol. 4 (for Access Virus TI)

You've been waiting for a long time... now finally "Incubation vol.4" has arrived! 128 finest Electro, House, Trance and HandsUp sounds, created by Mirko Ruta. With these sounds, you really get the last out of your Virus TI! It uses all new features of the newest OS and every preset is packed full with modulations (3 softknob assignments, modwheel).


- 128 high quality trance and techno sounds, designed by Mirko Ruta - extensive use of the TI's special features (Moog Filter, new Oscs, EQ etc...) - modwheel changes every sound completely - all rhythmic elements synced to tempo - no brass/piano/flute patches - only up-to-date and trendy sounds to rock the clubs - sensible use of the lowpass filter (you can completely open and close it for automations) - carefully sorted into categories (Basses, Pads, Leads, FX etc.) - 3 softknob assignments for every patch

Requirements: Access Virus Synthesizer

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