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XP - Tropical House 2 (for VPS Avenger)

Here are the good summer vibes for you: Tropical House 2 is here!

Sound designer Mirko Ruta did it again and created 129 wonderful plucks, arps, basslines, leads pads, drums and even vocals, all bundled in a big expansion pack for your VPS Avenger. Of course this expansion can also be used for deep house, chart pop, hiphop and all kind of EDM and trance. The flute-like leads and mallet-pluck sounds are one of a kind. Enjoy this beautifully crafted expansion and always remember: the next summer will come!

This is a walkthrough, of VPS Avenger Expansion Pack: Tropical House 2, showing some sounds and sequences of this wonderful expansion pack...

Attention: VPS Avenger version 1.8.0 minimum required!

This expansion adds to your library:

- 129 Avenger presets

- 14 new drumkits

- 14 new drumsequences

- 5 new granular samples

- 2 new multiloops (vocals)

- 132 new multisamples

- 22 new osc shapes

- 30 new wavetables

get it >>> here <<<

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