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XT - Trance Essence (for Parawave Rapid)

Experience the emotional nature of trance music in its purest form and leap into an ocean of airy and lush melodies, ice cold and hard hitting leads or warm and cosmic pads. Stride through the full expanse of entrancing music conception. Futuristic rolling basslines, gleaming spectral motions, acidic arpeggios, spiking plucks and modern uplift sequences await you. Designed as an inceptive accelerator for a broad bandwidth of trance music genres, instant inspiration is guaranteed.

Trance Essence is a new sound extension for the RAPID Synthesizer, introducing an ‘epic, uplifting and euphoric rush’ conceptualized for the production of a wide variety of electronic music genres. Included are new wavetables, multi-samples, drum samples and presets, ready for sound design and music production.

Get it >>> here <<<

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