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XT - Future Strike (for Parawave Rapid)

Updated: May 10, 2021

Future Bass is a highly innovative and modern style with a great bandwidth of sound design concepts. Get a head start and directly jump into the genre, supported by melodic uplifting harmonies, versatility and energy. Feel the bounce of this unique style, infused with modern full spectrum filling chords, fancy colorized stabby chords, hard warm bass components and massive drum-sets and toms fill-ins. Plucked and solo synths full of character, accompanied by wide filtered wobbles and chiptune like arpeggios make it easy to accent your tracks with interesting content. Blips and blops, water droplet snares, quirky vocal chops and shouts, foliage sounds and even the complete vocal performances Shine Bright help you to quickly acquire a new palette for your sound canvas. Designed to bestow your production with individuality, you’ll achieve a wide ranging style from plenty to void.

Future Strike is a new sound extension for the RAPID Synthesizer, introducing ‘melodic uplifting harmonies, versatility and energy’ conceptualized for modern Future Bass productions. Included are new wavetables, multi-samples, drum samples and presets, ready for sound design and music production.

Get it >>> here <<<

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